Composite leaf spring


Composite Assistive C-Spring

DR. NANO SUSPENSION FOR SUZUKI (Swift, Swift Dezire, Ertiga, Grand Vitara), HYUNDAI (Santro), TOYOTA (Innova, Verna, Itios), HONDA (City), TATA (Manza), SKODA (Fabia), etc.

Specially made for: Bearing more capacity than customized spring. Minimizing damping.

Dr. Nano Inc. has studied the specific requirements of Indian car owners regarding suspension systems.

All cars are manufactured as per international standards considering very few or no pot-holes or jerks on road.

Normally many of vehicle owners have a tendency to over-load the vehicle, and most of the times/sometimes above its load bearing capacity.

We, Dr. Nano Inc., provide a suspension system which will assist the available suspension system by studying the most standardized data for the respective vehicles

One of the key advantage of C-Spring is comfort. The system responds quickly enough to counter the effects of bumps and pot-holes, maintaining a comfortable ride. Additionally the system has been designed for maximum strength in a small package, allowing it to put and enough force to prevent the car from rolling and pitching during aggressive driving maneuvers.

System is controlled by a set of mathematical algorithms developed over 10 years of research.

To goal is to allow the car to glide smoothly over roads and to eliminate roll and pitch during driving.

Unlike conventional dampers, which transmit vibrations to the vehicle occupants and sacrifice comfort, these system operates without pushing against the car bodies, maintaining passenger comfort

Dr. Nano’s Composites Carbon “C” Spring is found zero maintenance and almost permanent member of the vehicle. Our Flat Composite Spring gives very comfortable and smooth ride.

After prolonged use of conventional metal Coil Spring, its strength reduces and vehicle starts running back side down and also hits on the bump stoppers (i.e. Chassis). This problem is entirely removed by our special purpose Composite C Springs.

Advantages of our Composite Assistive C Springs are :
  • Specially made to give effects like Air Suspension with out any extra external energy.
  • No Permanent Deformation Hence No Re-tensioning. Thus No Maintenance.
  • Minimum Wear & Tear of Body parts and tyre. Due to delicate tendency of absorbing road shocks, Jerks & vibrations.
  • Softer ride, Lower Noise level, due to better damping characteristics.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance against atmospheric Pollutions.
  • Better life with consistency in performance around 1 million Fatigue Life Cycle. i.e. Minimum Five times better than metal leaf Spring.
  • Fully inter – changeable with conventional spring without any modification.
  • Increase in Fuel Efficiency due to better Aerodynamic. It cuts the wind with low coefficient of friction.
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