Composite leaf spring



Specially made for:- Smooth and Comfortable ride, Off-road, Heavy Duty purpose. One of the key advantage of Nano-Compo Leaf Spring Suspension is comfort. The system responds quickly enough to counter the effects of bumps and pot-holes, maintaining a comfortable ride. Additionally the system has been designed for maximum strength in a small package, allowing it to put and enough force to prevent the car from rolling and pitching during aggressive driving manoeuvres. System is controlled by a set of mathematical algorithms developed over 30 years of rese h. To goal is to allow the car to glide smoothly over roads and to eliminate roll and pitch during driving.

Dr. Nano has made deep study about the metal leaf spring suspension systems and about the jolts and jerks these stiff and unflexible leaf springs give to the passengers white travelling over an undulated road, or speed breakers or potholes .

Presently, Dr. Nano is the only manufacturer of Composite Leaf Spring Suspension across the world with 100% positive results. Manufactured for Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Ashok Leyland, Hummer, Mazda, Mercedes, and other vehicles across the globe for perfect solution on comfort and permanent suspension systems .

Comfort with Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Spring Suspension can only be compared with Air suspension. Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Spring Suspension Systems can be fitted on vehicle without any modifications in vehicle .

Vehicle changed with this suspension gives very much more Comfortable Ride, Quality, Aero dynamisms, better road Grip and Control, Softer Ride increases, and loads of other benefits .

Nano-Compo Leaf Spring Suspension gives almost permanent cushioning effect to the vehicles. These composite springs are thermo sets by true means. That’s why it is perfect, effective and long lasting vehicle suspension available on this planet .

We have carved a niche as the most eminent suspension system manufacturer in India .

Advantages of our Composite Leaf Spring are :
  • Specially made to give effects like Air Suspension without any extra external Energy (Fuel).
  • No Permanent Deformation Hence No Re-cambering. Thus No Maintenance.
  • Minimum Wear & Tear of Body parts and tyre. Due to delicate tendency of absorbing road shocks. Jerks & vibrations.
  • Softer ride, Lower Noise level, due to better damping characteristics.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance against atmospheric Pollutions.
  • Better life with consistency in performance around 1 million Fatigue Life Cycle. i.e. Minimum Five times better than metal leaf Spring.
  • Fully inter – changeable with conventional spring without any modification
  • No Creaking sound due to inter-leaf friction.
  • Being, mono no greasing is required.

composite Leaf suspensions , manufacturer of composite leaf spring suspensions , is also involved in manufactoring products for space application with CARBON FIBRE COMPOSITES., is also involved in manufactoring products for space application with CARBON FIBRE COMPOSITES.

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